Choctaw Travel Plazas Celebrate 30th Anniversary

30 cent fountain drinks at all locations on Aug. 28

DURANT, Okla. (Aug. 27, 2019) — The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma celebrates 30 years on Wednesday, Aug. 28. The first travel plaza opened August 28, 1989 in Durant, Okla., and has continued to offer tourists, travelers and truckers fuel, food, gifts and customary Choctaw hospitality for 30 years.

“The deli inside consisted mainly of ham and turkey sandwiches,” states Choctaw Nation benefits director, Duane Winship, who began his career at the travel plazas. “Back then, truckers were offered a free sandwich, or bowl of chili and a fountain drinking with a fill up.”

Three decades later, 17 Choctaw Travel Plazas are now located throughout the Nation’s 10.5 counties. While technology has changed, the Choctaw spirt has stayed the same.

“Choctaw people have an indomitable spirit,” states Ted Williams, PDI Analyst of Choctaw Travel Plaza. “Over the years I believe we’ve gained a bigger base of knowledge toward our future developments because we have a working past of great successes.”

To celebrate, all Choctaw Travel Plazas will offer 30 cent, 30-ounce fountain drinks all day. Also to honor the anniversary 30, $30 gift cards will be given away and a Weber Smoker. Check out Choctaw Travel Plaza Facebook page for more information.


About Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Division of Commerce:

The Choctaw Nation is the third largest Indian Nation in the United States with close to 200,000 tribal members and 10,000 employees. The Division of Commerce manages an array of businesses including 20 gaming sites, three resorts, six hotels, a KOA RV park, six restaurant franchises, a country market, a printing company, 17 travel plazas, 12 ranches and farms encompassing 65,000 acres where they manage 3,000 cattle and harvest 130,000 pounds of pecans. For more information visit,